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At some point, we all have heard about why traveling is so essential. More often than not, people talk about the countless benefits of traveling; how it is excellent for your physical and mental health.


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Rebecca Pereira

Rebecca Pereira is a passionate writer and a travel enthusiast. She is a kind-hearted and loving woman who wants nothing but to help others find happiness in their lives. Each one of us asks about the expenses and things that are needed to have a memorable holiday. Rebecca Pereira brings readers a first-hand experience guide on the best way to plan and pack for a fantastic trip in Feeling Free: 7 Exciting Ways to Have Fun While Traveling.


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feeling free

Rebecca Pereira traveled over South America with a group of people that she never met before. For the four months that she traveled, the author learned vital things such as coming out of one’s shell and how not to travel with a lot of luggage. Thus, readers will know more about how they enjoy their trip and carry less without worrying about anything.

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